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Family Owned and Operated for 55 Years!

We are ready for the warm weather to start and a new season to begin. Come out and enjoy a day of fun in the sun with family and friends.

To reserve boats please call during business hours.
Causeway Boat Rentals
Boat Rentals
  FULL DAY (7:00am-5pm) HALF DAY (12pm-5pm)
16' Standard Boat    
4 people $130 $95
5 people $135 $100
16' X-Wide Boat    
5 people $150 $115
6 people $155 $120
7 people $160 $125
  FULL DAY (7:00am-5pm) HALF DAY (7:00am-12pm or 12pm-5pm)
19' Skiff 25hp (7 people) $225 $150
19' Skiff 40hp/50hp (7 people) $295 $200
20' Sundance 75hp (8 people) $375 $265
21' Skiff 75hp (8 people) $375 $265
22' Sundance 90hp (8 people) $375 $265
20' Red Pontoon 60hp (8 people) $425 $295
22' Blue Pontoon 60hp (8 people) $450 $295
22' Green Pontoon 70hp (8 people) $450 $295
21' Red/Tan Pontoon 90hp (8 people) $475 $350
24' Tan/Brown Pontoon 115hp (10 people)
For cruising only, no crabbing or fishing permitted.
$525 $395
*Prices subject to change without notice.
         All boat rentals include life jackets for all ages, seat cushions, gas & oil, and two scoop nets for crabbing.
         Renters are allowed to come and go throughout the day to use rest rooms, take breaks, and get lunch.
         All boat rentals have to be back at Causeway Boat Rentals by 5:00pm, no exceptions.
         We pride ourselves on maintaining what many consider the best rental fleet in the area. All boats are fiberglass, equipped with a canopy for sun protection and are equipped with all the necessary safety gear. We clean and inspect every boat before turning it over to a customer for use.